About Corey

singer songwriter corey koehler

If you…

  • Like music that blends acoustic and electric guitar as well as genres like rock, country, blues and folk.
  • Appreciate artists who write the music they are singing.
  • Cheer for the underdog, the Independent, the alternative.
  • Want to feel like you are more than just another fan.
  • Like knowing that the artist behind the music you listen to has your back.

You are going to like Corey’s music (and the music Gods have brought you here for a reason).


Who Is This Corey Guy?

Corey Koehler (pronounced KAY-ler) is a musician with an unending supply of goals for his music career and the ambition to follow through. The title of his first CD, Never Too Late, reflects Koehler’s own path to singing and songwriting.

Around the age of 30, Koehler finally decided he wanted more than he could wean from a nine-to-five job. He picked up his guitar, which he hadn’t touched in years, and discovered not all was lost. Something about the music gave Koehler the fulfillment he was searching for.

Accidents Happen

His singing ability was an accidental discovery. Though he always enjoyed belting out songs along with the radio, it was his friends who encouraged this talent.

Koehler would grab his guitar while sitting around a campfire to entertain an audience of friends. Compliments on his vocals became so frequent he started to believe maybe he possessed genuine talent.


Koehler tried a succession of get-rich-quick schemes dreaming one would position him, financially, where he could devote the majority of his time to music. In retrospect, Koehler says that was the wrong decision.

He now believes expending his energy on his musical abilities provides the greatest benefit and recommends the same to anyone with a talent of their own. He feels strongly that once a person begins exploring their talent, they find a more meaningful existence and are better able to positively influence the people around them.

Where The Music Comes From?

Koehler’s insight is present in the seven Americana originals in Never Too Late. Lyrically, his subject matter relates to anyone who finds themselves weary of monotony in the daily grind, inadequate in choosing words to express compassion over loss, and an active participant (eventually, anyway) in the failure of a relationship.

Musically, he makes you want to raise a beer and toast yourself for making it this far.

Many Influences

Koehler is not committing himself solely to Americana. His influences stem from multiple genres, many of which he would like to try in the future. He considers himself a bit of a “music goat.”

He has never been able to decide upon one genre and stick with it, so he decided it was unnecessary. Koehler arrived at the term “music goat,” he says, because a goat will eat anything. In the same fashion, Koehler will absorb all types of music without a preference for any one in particular. He also loves a hearty breakfast. [Bio by Jamison Lee]